Life Encouragement

Sharing your personal testimony in the form of daily devotions

Somethings that might help you with your sharing,

before submitting we ask that you, 

please read our brief guidelines to learn what we are looking

for in the testimonies we publish.

Life Encouragements  will be shared by various members of our community, in each monthly issue of the Roaring Wind Tribune. They will be written and read by people just like you who want to share their experiences, hope and faith.

Has God's Love become real to you? Are you  finding your wisdom and guidance in scripture? Do you feel and have you seen God leading your life? Then.... you have something to share.

How Do I Begin?

You begin by looking at your own relationship with God. As Christians we believe God speaks to us and guides us as we study the Bible and pray. Good meditations are closely tied to scripture and show how it has shed light on a specific situation.

You can connect your real life events of daily life with the everyday activities you see coming from God.  You are one believer sharing with another your insight and struggle about what it means to live faithfully. When we connect God's activities in our lives to common things that we encounter each day, we start to see the work of God in our lives.

Testimony Should Include  

Title, Suggested Bible Reading with Quoted Scripture Verse,

Personal Testimony and Prayer

Focus on how your story can deepen the Christian Commitment

of the reader and nurture their Spiritual Growth.

Please include a picture of yourself and your name. If you feel uncomfortable with this..... You can use a picture that represents your testimony.

When you are ready to submit, please send using

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your story!

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