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“Gray Hair is a Crown of Glory.” What an awesome thought, to know that you have come through it and made to a point in your life, where things started to make sense.

If you have clicked on this tab, no doubt you are probably a senior or thinking about someone in your life that is a senior.

As you reach a certain age in your life, you finally can look back and see the struggles, the trials and tribulation and all the magnificent things that have happened in your life.

We are asking you, to share that “Crown of Glory” with others through this column. Reflect on your life experiences and what God has taught you throughout your travels through life.

We know, there are awe ha moments and wisdom you can see. God has had His hand in your life and we would like for you to share that wisdom with our community.

The world is everchanging and what you have learned from your generation is knowledge that can be  shared with this next generation that can never be recaptured once it is gone.
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Happy Pastor

We Look Forward to Hearing the Wisdom Our Seniors Have to Offer!

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...And in the end, its not the years in your life that count.

...It's the life, in your years.

                        Abraham Lincoln